Shankar Nag - The Audacious Visionary

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ShankarNag is a name synonymous to the word ACTION. For people who don't know him, he was a polymath in the Indian TV/Cinema Industry. He had visionary ideas such as Metro(Metro Rail Service - for which he had done underground survey of Bangalore) for Bangalore City and Earthquake proof House way back in the 1980's.


Notable Theatre and Movie Artist ArundathiNag is his wife, while another well known Actor AnanthNag is his elder brother. Malgudi Days was directed by him.


He started by acting in Marathi plays where he met his future wife ArundathiNag. He was offered a role to act in a movie by Girish Karnad(well known Artist/Jnanpit Awardee). It was his brother AnanthNag who persuaded him to Act, after which there was no looking back for this great personality.

He adapted R.K.Narayan's short stories as Malgudi Days(famous teleserial in Doordarshan DD-1). He was the first director in Indian Cinema to use Underwater Camera in the movie "Ondu Muttina Kathe".
Way back(1980-1990) the movie industry(Studio's) was concentrated in Mumbai and Chennai, he started a new Audio Recording Studio in Bangalore known as SANKET, which was a first of it's kind in Bangalore.
Most of his Directorial ventures were way ahead of his time. He gave a new dimension to Kannada Cinema.
ShankarNag passed away in a car crash. At the time of his death, he was one of the leading actor in Kannada Cinema. Ranga Shankara was one of his dream projects which was fulfilled by his wife ArundathiNag. Ranga Shankara is a theatre dedicated exclusively for theatre, located in J.P.Nagar(Southern Bangalore). Ranga Shankara
If you see one these images behind an Auto in Bangalore, it is in fond memory of him. The Auto drivers consider him to be one amongst them after the movie "Auto Raja"(1980).

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