Watching the Apple Smartwatch

The Apple Smartwatch is a digital watch with few features of a smartphone. It comes in three variants - Apple Sport Watch, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Below is the model of Apple Sport Watch IMG_20151114_202003IMG_20151114_202424 If you are a fitness enthusiast or an athlete this watch is made for you. These watches have built-in functionalities of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With the help of your iPhone (above iPhone 5) in a range < 30m, the device acts as a portable phone. Below is the model of Apple Watch Capture The Apple watch is similar to Apple Sports Watch except the casing has a metal covering. The Functionalities of this watch too is similar to the Sports watch where calls can be received or made. Messaging, music, stock updates, weather updates can be received in addition to clock feature. Capture1Capture2 The Apple Watch Edition is an extended version of Apple Watch with Gold casing. Overall, these watches are an introduction of watches into the world of smart devices. In it's inchoate stage the watch comes with health monitoring technology, with evolution the watch offers plenty of room to embed smart applications.  

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